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Key reasons why you should choose Westmill as your supplier

The highest fish quality and condition

The farming methods used by our experienced staff and our stringent biosecurity standards, coupled with our unique water flows and low stocking densities ensures that Westmill produces strong, fully finned, hard fighting fish.

Excellent customer service

Cloan aims to deliver the very best customer service through our highly trained staff who are expected to conduct themselves to the very highest professional standards.

High quality fish diet

All our fish are fed a high quality, high energy diet.

Striving to exceed industry standards

In addition to routine veterinary inspections, Cloan prides itself on traceability and vigorous auditing and sampling, as per the Marine Scotland guidelines.

Fish we supply

Availability: All year round

Fish source: all our juvenile trout are sourced from disease free Spring fed Hatcheries which ensures that the fish are acquired from a biosecure spring water site, coupled with almost constant water temperature throughout the year to ensure that growth rates are consistent and reliable arrival dates at Westmill are achieved.


• Rainbow (including fish through to ‘double figures’ i.e. 10lb+)
• Brown
• Blue

All our juvenile trout spend their first few months in our raceways before being transferred to the earth ponds which run the length of the farm. This ensures the fish have maximum space, oxygen and water flow which results in fully finned hard fighting fish.

To get a fish to 2lb (c.1kg) takes around 18 months to 2 years, and during that time period the fish are fed up to six times a day, using a high quality feed product. In addition, we have our own laboratory on site and employ the services of a Fish Vet should they ever be required. All of this is essential in maintaining healthy fish.

Our fish are graded several times during their time at Westmill and are moved around the farm using special fish friendly pumps. Prior to being loaded onto a lorry or pick-up for delivery the fish are given a final hand grade to ensure the size and quality meets the customers’ requirements.

When Cloan resumed farming control of Westmill Farm in July 2013, we undertook a full site fallow and major disinfection programme. All of the ponds were excavated to remove silt followed by extensive liming of the entire farm to ensure complete disinfection and a completely disease free basis from which to recommence farming.

We only source our fingerlings from UK based, disease free hatcheries in order to preserve the biosecurity of the farm status and all of our fish are inspected prior to delivery to ensure their quality and health status. The farm is surrounded by a 2m high specialist otter fence and electric fencing. The farm is also covered with 3” netting to prevent predation from birds. The farm is closed to the public and any customers visiting the farm by appointment are provided with site specific wellingtons and have to follow disinfection procedures prior to entry in order to maintain our strict biosecurity standards.

After each delivery of fish, our pick ups and trailers are firstly pressure washed, then heat treated and then thoroughly disinfected with a market leading disinfectant to ensure the vehicles are sterilised.

Westmill can deliver fish the length and breadth of Scotland, and further afield by prior arrangement. Our pick ups with tank can hold up to 300lb (136kg) in weight of fish. We also have a trailer which will allow us to carry up to another 400lb (181kg) of fish. This gives us a combined delivery capability with pick up, tank and trailer of 700lb (317Kg). For larger loads a lorry can be arranged which will deliver between 1,000Kg and 3,000Kg. All of our fish must be fasted for three days prior to transport to meet Government recommendations. This also reduces the stress for the fish.